Vinyl Fences Bring Class & Privacy to Your Calgary and area Business

More business owners Calgary and surrounding area are choosing vinyl fence installations from Atlas Vinyl. Why? Customers choose us as a result of our superior installations and high-quality vinyl fences from VEKA. Rated for hurricane-strength winds, VEKA fences are backed by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. These vinyl fences will add appeal, character, privacy and value to your property.


Why Businesses Love their VEKA Vinyl Fences

At Atlas Vinyl, we love the satisfaction VEKA vinyl fences bring to our commercial customers. Some of the top reasons why businesses love their VEKA vinyl fences include:

  • Year-Round, Maintenance-Free Use
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Colour and Design Variety
  • Added Privacy
  • Aesthetic Appeal
  • Boost in Property Value
  • Super-Strong, “No Sag” Engineering


As a business owner, VEKA vinyl fences take away the burden of having to paint, stain or sand your fence — it will continue to look great year after year!

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