Anyone who has ever had to paint or stain a fence — not just once but over and over again — can understand why the market share of vinyl fencing continues to climb. Once it’s installed, vinyl fence can go for years with little or no maintenance, making it a top choice among time-challenged homeowners. For most, the biggest benefit of vinyl fence is freedom from maintenance.

The vinyl from which vinyl fences are made contains ultraviolet inhibitors that protect the material from sun. As a result, vinyl doesn’t usually lose its color, requiring reapplication of paints and stains. Moreover, wear and tear is less an issue. The color is a “through-color,” so scratches and dents to the fence do not require touchups and additional repairs. Install vinyl fence, and it will very likely look the same for years without anyone bothering with paint, stain and accessories.

Because vinyl is not organic, it’s impervious to invasions of insects and pests or rotting taking place as a result of moisture infiltration. And unlike metal, it will not rust. Vinyl is also strong. Vinyl has five times the tensile strength of wood, making it harder to break. It’s also more flexible than wood, and should be a preferred choice in high-wind areas where fence should be able to bend but not break.

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Maintenance Free – Impervious to moisture, rotting, warping, and termites – Environmentally Safe – No Chemical Leaching – 100% Recyclable – Tested durability for any climate extremes – No Splinters, Staining, or Painting… EVER!

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