In recent years, vinyl has become an excellent and preferred substitute for wood when it comes to the building of decks, fences, rails and many other outdoor structures.
The properties of vinyl are very diverse from wood — and while the initial cost may be slightly higher, these properties go a long way in assessing the true value of vinyl.

  • Vinyl is a lifetime investment.- Vinyl is about 5 times stronger than wood, and therefore lasts much longer. It is very rare that vinyl needs replacing at all.
  • Vinyl stays beautiful longer.- Quality vinyl is not just coloured on the exterior, but all the way through the depth of the material. No painting or refinishing is required to keep the colours vibrant.
  • Vinyl is easy to clean.- Soap and water is generally all it takes to clean your vinyl structures.
  • Vinyl does not decompose.- Vinyl is immune to rot, insects, mold and rust. It definitely stands the test of time.
  • Vinyl is flexible.- It will not snap as easy as wood, or bend as easy as metal. No product stands up to Alberta’s strong winds and weather conditions as well as vinyl.
  • Vinyl is kid friendly.- Vinyl doesn’t splinter or chip, making it extremely safe for the little ones playing outside. Also, when children decide to add “a little extra beauty” while colouring outside, it doesn’t penetrate the exterior as it does with wood, making it much easier to remove.
Overall, vinyl’s durability and low maintenance make it the best value for your dollar — especially in Alberta.

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